For the purposes of protecting our clients’ interests against the risk of unforeseen losses upon occurrence of various insured events our Company offers the services for insuring the cargoes and liability of an operator, carrier, freight forwarder, etc.

Having reliable long-term partner relationships in this area, FT Logistic cooperates with the leading Russian and overseas insurance companies that guarantee the indemnification of the confirmed damage.

Liability and cargo insurance enables our clients to be confident in complete safety of the services provided and of the materials and goods transported.

In the event of a damage to or loss of the cargo, which may happen even on the most tried-and-true routes, the clients will receive decent and adequate indemnity.

The choice of the insurance pattern will be made subject to the nature and cost of the cargo and to the customer-approved load transportation. An insurance contract may be concluded on a one-off basis or for a long-term period during which the transportation of loads will be carried out.

A cargo may be insured against different risks, from partial damage to complete destruction. To a client, the availability of an insurance contract means the availability of reliable protection of their business and the elimination of the risk of loss of their property as a result of force-majeure circumstances.

The insurance which covers the transportation across Russia and the neighboring states is carried out in line with the requirements of regulations and laws.

The Clients who have insured their cargo or liability by using our services will be provided with a free-of-charge support and advice from our reliable partner in the sphere of insurance upon occurrence of an insured event.

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Подпишитесь на нашу рассылку, чтобы получать свежие новости на вашу почту!