Today, December 21, FT Logistic LLC celebrates its birthday! We are 6 years old!

During this time, FT Logistic LLC has established itself as a competitive
participant in the market of forwarding services in the field of multimodal
container transportation and general cargo.
During this time we have come a long way and achieved a lot.
 We have expanded our company’s own rolling stock with up to 455 covered
wagons with cubic capacity of 158-175 m3, capacity of 65-73 tons.
 We purchased specialized fitting platforms for the transportation of large-
capacity containers in the amount of 368 units, 60-80 feet long and with a
capacity of 69 tons.
 Our logo has acquired the official status of a trademark
 We provide a wide range of services, including: transportation of goods in
our own wagons and on platforms, organization of export-import, transit
transportation by road, sea and rail transport (multimodal transportation)
from door to door (door to door), including domestic transportation within
the Customs Union and Europe.
 We solve problems of unforeseen complexity, qualitatively and with a
rational approach to each customer interested in the delivery of goods, in
accordance with the current market needs.
 We have established the main logistics routes in the directions of the Central
and North-Western regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the European
Union, China and Japan.
This, of course, is not all that has been done. And we have many plans for the
We express our deep gratitude to the employees of the company and our partners,
thanks to your well-coordinated and hard work, together we have achieved today’s

We wish the company new discoveries, prosperity and continuous movement

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