With the share of container transportation constantly increasing, we look to the future with optimism and make substantial investments in this brand by strengthening our technical capacity.

We carry out container transportation on our own flatcars or on those of our customers with the use of the customers’ equipment; including, via motorways and waterways. We have extensive experience in tank container transportation along with the provision of service maintenance and storage in transit terminals. Containers are delivered both by sea and river lines, as well as by automobile and railway flatcars to any point worldwide on a door-to-door basis according to the “multimodal transportation” pattern.

Multimodal transportation is a combined transportation of your cargoes in the framework of one agreement which is carried out at least by two means of transport and for which we bear full responsibility for the entire transportation, even if such transportation is carried out by different means of transport (for example: by railroad, sea or road).

Multimodal transportation  includes an entire set of different means of transport involved in the cargo transportation throughout its entire route on a door-to-door basis, i.e., from the doors of your shipper’s warehouse to your own warehouse.

The effectiveness of multimodal transportation consists in using the advantages of each of the means of transport on a certain section of the route, and the criteria for the effectiveness may not only be the delivery cost, but also the speed and accuracy of delivery.



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