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Leasing out the railcars is one of the Company’s business lines. This service is based on the tailored approach to each Customer which enables to select a mutually beneficial solution for both parties in line with the Customer’s demands. The Company owns 800 railcars and flatcars (beside an outsourced railcar fleet).

The Company specialists closely monitor the technical condition of the railcars, conduct regular maintenance and repair of the railcars. A railcar repair may be conducted en route, both in a coupled railcar and uncoupled railcar, without unloading the cargo at the maintenance depot of the railway station wherein the failure is detected. All railcars are covered with insurance (CASCO). It enables us to guarantee that each railcar complies with all the safety requirements and ensures full cargo safety. In addition, the transportation is secured by its compliance with the Cargo Transportation Rules (SMGS) and the Railway Transportation Statute.

If you need to rent goods railcars or flatcars, please get in touch with our Company specialists. You will be provided with detailed advice on all the railcar-hire related issues, and the price will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

The basis advantages of hiring railway railcars:

  • Railcar hire will make it possible to save costs, as there will be no need to purchase the rolling stock;
  • It is possible to plan the costs for the arrangement of cargo transportation without investing in the railcar fleet;
  • The rights and obligations of each party are clearly set out in the contract;
  • No costs are borne for the maintenance of the rolling stock fleet;
  • A railcar is hired for a short-term period, but as necessary;
  • Affordable railcar hire price.


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Подпишитесь на нашу рассылку, чтобы получать свежие новости на вашу почту!